Principal’s Message

Dear students, parents and community members,Burns_Mr Latham

Welcome to your school! My name is Latham and I am fortunate to lead the Abbotsford Primary School community. Our school has students and families from many cultures and backgrounds, as captured by our motto ‘Diversity in Learning’. I lead a team of highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers that are ‘diverse’ in their teaching approaches. Our teachers work together and in partnership with students and parents to ensure that strengths are built upon, talents and interests are incorporated into learning and support is provided on an individual basis.

Although we are known for our internationally recognised and celebrated Chinese learning approach, this is not what makes our school unique. We are committed to improving the learning and wellbeing outcomes of every student. Every student has the right to a quality education and we want to be even better at ensuring this is the reality. We maximise the opportunities for all students for their future.

We are one of the very select Melbourne schools to offer Chinese/English bilingual learning to our students at a primary level. Our teachers ensure that learning in Chinese and English is enjoyable and ‘hands on’ to maintain interest in a challenging language approach.

We have a focus areas in Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education (ESTEME) and the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL). Teachers are researching those areas and implementing strategies based on that research. Incorporated into the action research is teacher observation and feedback, where teachers observe the teaching of another teacher and provide them with feedback, further enhancing their teaching skills and knowledge. Science features as part of our Specialist Program that we offer to students from Foundation (Prep) to Year Six. We also offer Music, Visual Art, Physical Education.

The Deputy Premier and Minister for Education The Hon. James Merlino announced in April 2016 that our school has been successful in obtaining a share of $15 million for design/planning funding for a complete school upgrade. We have been advocating for this for a number of years so our facilities reflect the outstanding learning that takes place at our school.

Abbotsford Primary School is the right choice for your child if you have high expectations for their learning and social development. I encourage you to contact the office and arrange a time to meet me or the Assistant Principal, Elizabeth Sarroff, so we can show you our fantastic school in action. If you would like to visit our school, please email our school to receive our fortnightly newsletter for community events that you may join us for.

I look forward to meeting with you.

Latham Burns