Our School


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Abbotsford Primary School is awesome due to the respect and high expectations we hold for each other.

Our School community learn together in a vibrant, safe and inclusive environment.

Our quality teaching equips our students for success.

Abbotsford Primary School is an internationally recognised Chinese/English Bilingual School, located in the diverse and vibrant inner suburb of Abbotsford. We are the only primary school in Victoria where students undertake 50% of their learning in Chinese and 50% of their learning in English, developing a passion for language learning and a greater understanding of different cultures. Chinese and English are taught every day of the school week.

At Abbotsford Primary School, our students learn in a supportive and caring environment. We are recognised for our commitment to developing the whole child, whether that is their academic, social or emotional learning.

Our global partnership with the ‘New Pedagogies for Deep Learning’ initiative ensures that our teachers are implementing teaching strategies linked to evidence informed research that meets the needs of learners in the 21st Century.

Our leadership in the Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education schools network with the University of Melbourne has led to increased outcomes and engagement of our students in STEM. We invest in resources to assess the abilities of our students to tailor the learning to their needs.

We provide a comprehensive learning program that includes Visual Arts, Performing Arts/Music, Physical Education and Science. Each of these areas is taught in Chinese and English, ensuring that students develop stronger literacy in Chinese.

Our caring and supportive learning environment is strengthened with our Art Therapy approach, Speech Therapy Assistance and Reading Recovery program. We have a Primary Welfare Officer that supports students and parents.

Our school attracts a large amount of enrolments from outside the local area. We are a school that has limited classroom and outdoor spaces. As our enrolments continue to increase, our capacity to accept enrolments from outside the local area is limited.