Our School

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Abbotsford Primary School is awesome due to the respect and high expectations we hold for each other.

Our School community learn together in a vibrant, safe and inclusive environment.

Our quality teaching equips our students for success.

We are a Chinese/English bilingual school located in Lithgow Street, Abbotsford. We have been in operation since 1877 and are well established in the Abbotsford and Richmond community, as well as including families from Kew, Clifton Hill, Fitzroy and Collingwood. Our school has increased by 40% in enrolments over the past two years as our school is recognised for its quality approaches to learning and the  inclusive environment we provide for students and the community. We focus on Literacy (Chinese and English) and Numeracy that integrates technology and 21st Century learning approaches. We are recognised for our innovative approach to teaching languages through our Chinese Bilingual program. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive specialist program that includes Visual Arts, Music and Physical Education.

Our extra-curricular activities include Instrumental Music – Keyboard & Recorder, Bi-Annual Production, Science Night and Chess Club.

Our values of respect, inclusivity, high expectations and success come directly from our vision that was developed with our school community. Our vision and values form the basis for all the things that we embark upon at Abbotsford Primary School. We are highly regarded in our ability to extend high achieving students and positively impacting on the learning of students with additional learning needs.

Our school is a leader within the Excellence in Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (ESTEME) network that includes a partnership with the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Melbourne. We collaborate together to build our capacity in ESTEME and to ensure that our pedagogical approaches in this area are research informed and relevant to 21st century learners.

We are part of the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NDPL) global research project by Michael Fullan. This work centres on developing teacher capacity to enhance the core elements of collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creativity and character in students. Both the ESTEME and NDPL form the basis of teacher action research teams.